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Delivery Service
The Blackmon Acquisition Group

an Independent Service Provider

"Logistics are essential to Everyday life"

The Blackmon Acquisition Group Inc

The Blackmon Acquisition Group Inc. is a comprehensive trucking and delivery service with a wealth of expertise and experience in the trucking and freight industry.
We provide a range of services including
business consultations and specialized freight services, moving and relocation plus much more!

You can trust us to deliver your goods seamlessly and reliably.

The Blackmon Acquisition Group Inc

"Safely Delivered, Reliably Assured"

Packages at the Door

Join the Blackmon Acquisition Group Inc. -
Now Hiring FedEx Drivers
(CDL and Non

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Logistics and Freight Consulting


The Blackmon Acquisition Group Inc. is a trucking and delivery service that is built on safety, reliability, integrity, and positive experiences for our customers. We are the premier provider of freight transportation solutions and offer fast, reliable, and professional service as a FedEx Independent Service Provider.

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